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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Broken Ones

Can you see me , can you see me clear. I just finished wiping a face of tears. an image to many. Lights camera , Action, I am the broken one Hit with envy. beautiful home ,family to match ,deep inside Theirs pain. Look at me , the real me , the soul , the infinite me . Not the broken me , I am that song you hear. The song that cries. Don't judge me from my past for I need  a hug. I need someone to tell me your not alone! Please turn the media off , look at me , I use to be that little boy , the one on the bus who made people laugh . Yea that's me ! But for now I am the broken one searching for my inner child . When I find him I will hug him and say everything is going to be fine.


Thursday, October 27, 2016


Its one day , One second , minute, hour , the clock spoke ! Repeating  "Time is limited, Time is valuable, It's time to change". Dear old self , I know we been together for quite sometime but I have to let you go. It's not that I don't love you , it's that I have transformed into a new self. A self I thought could never be. If ever go back to the old self ,hopeless self ,death would be next to self.Transforming self is never going back to the illusion of "You"  let's Transform into who we always dreamed to be. Lets transform into a new you a new me.....let's fight until we become the True we.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Deep Sleep

Wake up , Hey wake up! We have Slept half of life . The ticking time bomb waiting to explode. There's a fire burning in our souls. We have to be awakened ! We have to give back ! Enough we've taken! Reconstruct were we lack. Tired of feeling tired , waiting for man to set us free , Wake up battled minds And say good morning to the new me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Strange Friend

I see you , you don't notice me , I hear , feel your pain . You think your alone , so caught up in your own misery, you walked right past me. I wanted to inspire you , show you how beautiful the world truly is. How could I when your distracted by small thoughts . I see you ,the loner , the one who only swims in own sorrows. You tripped , You stumbled , hit a few dead ends, you then notice me. The whole time it was you looking at me saying "Hey I'm here, open up let me In , get to know me. I am your truth the one you can depend on. I am the answer , Who am I ,  I am you !   Your Strange Friend ......

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Bubble Went Pop / Fearless Sphere

After 10 years of punch in and out and in and out and out i felt free for once! All of the weight i had  left me, no tears, no depression, just relief . Catching the word my boss fired at me as I turned it into a fearless sphere. I hop in immediately, wow a brand new world, never realized how caught up i was in my own illusions. How i forgot that clouds actually move , the sun always rises and the 90 year old man next door. I was out of touch , disconnected. Now i see great beginings after leaving10 years of blindness. I will drive my fearless sphere not allowing change to distract me. I am stronger now and with many more changes to come, I transformed this bubble i once owned into a fearless sphere,  I'm on the rise, just another human striving for TRUTH.

Friday, June 24, 2016

On Blury St.

What have you done lately  Blury Street, seems like all you do is pull people in and out and in and out and in and yet they never come out. I always knew your intentions were not clear, one day you want to lift spirits up,  next put fear! Mr.Blury Street how come the futures not so bright, Watching people hang on past midnight , faces of the hopeless , the street of where the dope is.  Run , Run , Run  , some free Others stuck , Mr. Blurys street , its never giving up ,

                                                           There is still hope......

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Battled Minds

Swords up , body  strong , who we are,  the wounded ones, no longer Fears, blinded by tears, today we stand ,thoughts stay clear, A war for Love , A war of Art,    The Battled Minds where do we start....

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Caught up in  own desires , forgot what they desire , true happiness was deep, so deep you need a shuffle 93 hours to dig it out , Remember that big house now it's reality with car parked front to match right next to that shuffle. A career you love gave promotion... Stillness remains, phone rings more than your heart beats, most just needy  but what about your needs? The shuffle can only dig until your arms get tired , hey you , yea you , look in the mirror , eliminate the costume and look deep inside and ask What am I missing?  

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Beatless

It's pain , its fear , it's laughter , it's tears , It runs , it stands , It faces challenge! Defeated , prepared ,  strong enough , unaware, fingers up , fist closed , clock ticking , heart exposed.....the Beatless  

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hey miss with the baby stroller , how are you ? Oh you had to quit your job to be home with the kids .How come you never smile ? oh you only see spouse 2x a month,  but bills are paid!  Your a machine that's about to break, same routine everyday but mind is a masters degree! Don't let time pass let go of fantasy, while husband lives his life your sorrow is from broken dreams, wake up and see that beautiful inner child , the one who wants to live life! Kids are gifts and you are the flower, don't let your  past ancestors control new desires! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


HELP THE INSECURE!!! The sign read, The young man with the gun said "This is my girlfriend " she rides and dies for me ,Something my mother never did, I tries finding the same thing in my teacher but all she cared was her  family ! Once there lived a young girl who said I have dream ! Soon I will find my king my father left me mean ..... This young fatherless queen waits by the bar , I'm sure the rescue here it shall be! Silence ! MR. Heartless wearing  pale blue shoes has arrived, They both sipped together as stories pass there image , he shares his pain of father beaten mom , she listens and nods as they become heart to heart chain to chain the struggle starts to bond.I've been waiting for you all my life not realizing it was her father she was referring  too. How come you never leave without your gun she asked him ? When I was 6 my mom left me alone to walk the street I was paranoid from the man she bought home to meet. There hearts scream ! Help the Insecure ! To weak to find true happiness , stuck in the quicksand of true savages...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The bloodline that turned right

Baby born to this world eyes hardly open , to young to understand what parents were chosen , to a Beauty queen so it seemed until the bottle started pouring , Dad plotting ways looking for pay quick , mom stayed agreeing with him , baby got ditched , bloodline disconnects , story turns out nice , little baby became 42 and president she was vice. Many confused , plenty lose , some say impossible ! As Vice President spoke The speech went like this ,   Hoping for a better tomorrow , iiiiiiiii might have been forgotten left alone many nights but that fire in me ran deeeep and to that I had a price , everyday I woke up knowing my life was more than pain, I fight I fight I fight , finally breaking the lifeless bloodline chain .......

Monday, April 18, 2016


Often the mind is like a birds cage waiting to be opened .....


Sunday, April 3, 2016

The instrument of Life

Ooooooh what a feeling , a bottle of Glen -Livet couldn't  feel this cup . It plays so smoothly not only to ears but to toes , that tingley feeling that only flows, 1840 Adolphe Sax indeed a pro. The pain I once endured has finally flown away, oooooooh what a feeling please reject pause and press play ....

How Many Dependents

Mr.dependent waited on bus but the driver got sick , called a taxi cab meter cheated the prick, waited for train until the tracks fell off , Mr. Dependent decided to walk.  Arriving home , computer froze up tried cellphone battery bar never showed up, deadline 30 minutes how could this be , I'll ask my neighbor.  Hello Mr. Dependent, "The best things in life are free" .........

Saturday, March 12, 2016

You Got Mail

A piece of mind I insert into a white envelope , add stamp and shipped ,San Diego CA  I finally arrived. Mountains seem far , smiles seem close , birds start singing that amazing tune . "Welcome to the Hotel California such a lovely place .... I imediatly started singing along . Never knew how peaceful this stop could be , feels like all my worries and pain stayed on that train, as I light up my cigar I stare at the mountains and realized my soul has been there all this time, city of angles huh, I know ! I feel ! I see! Who ever knew that all I needed was an envelope with a stamp to get my piece of mind back . Thanks Mr.postman '!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Bubble Went Pop!

The world born into , at times it can be hell , Cheers to the movies , the music that gave happy feelings , sad only lasting minutes .  "Make your own world " a voice spoke loudly. Alarm goes off ! There has to be a way , I have to find a bubble . Finally caught it ,  I fall in it as the day begins.  LALa ,La, laaaa, as a happy tune comes to mind. Haha ! Nobody can get to me now! Well what do you know it's pouring rain on my bubble . Stay striving , don't listen it's the bubble and you are driving! As I arrive to work with my wet bubble I say "Great Morning Everyone"!! Coworkers stare at me weird as if they can see my bubble . I smile . The boss voice echoes towards me , office please . Yes sir , I respond. Have a seat .To Late ! Fired ! As those words came shooting the  bubble started shrinking.  The bubble Went POP!!!!   To be continued.........

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Pretty Lady , young lady , who said that wasn't true. Getting old is an illusion it's all up to you. Beautiful you are and we truly miss your smile, seems like every since you turned 60 + your heart stopped running miles. Nails, Lips , who said red isnt your color!! I promise you one thing love is around your corner! We need to see you happy , there are millions like you , motivate the world we need more like you.  You are Strong , You are Power, You are Amazing! Reject fear , Look in the mirror and paint your lips , kiss your worries goodbye..... Happy Birthday to a new age !    


This mind like a bicycle pedaling thoughts, sign says YEILD, careful where you stop to rest .............. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The opponent

I wake , steep tea, as I sip my mind slips Muhammad Ali's gloves on , I walk 2 steps and the opponent throws a thought so I knock it down , I step in bank , account balance negative , while mind stays positive thoughts start to race, so  I throw another punch. Continue while crossing busy street a car almost runs me over!  My fist starts to ball up this image of my middle finger disappeares. Thought knocked down ! As I'm smiling Strangers start to stare at me as if I'm insane. Stomach starts to growl while I open the door to  a lunch diner . Server approaches,  her response starts with a careless attitude , I continue to order While a tall glass of cola leans over me , now my $60 dollar pants turned brown , the reason for my over draft , . I look at her and take a deep breathe , another strike towards my opponent . Finish plate , stand up and continue ,  11:30 a.m doctors appointment , I check in  , sit, name called . As questions and answers start to flow at me  , finally I'm left alone . Oponent starts to strike again I jab one more time ,  Immediatly Doctor opens door with a puzzled look on face , in slow motion .......CANCERRRR comes at me like bullet to heart. I start to laugh. Jajajajaja.... Doctor smirks ....    why are you laughing?  "well Mr. Dunno , I've been fighting my opponent all day long ,  I assure you In 6 more rounds this will be my first K/O ..............

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Eyes of Silence

Sun bright , Sunset ,blue sky's clouds met. Ocean waves ,birds fly , airplanes come alive. Kids laugh, ice cream truck , dog licks baby cone. Hand up , yellow cab , homeless woman, food bag, young kid steals bike , ambulence sirens save life , Elderly man cross street ,news paper hit feet,  Dog leads , blind man Follows , unlocks door , voice "Home at last"! Dog looks up, barks, Licking leftover ice cream off his fur..... 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Life of a Candle

I am The life of a candle . I have many titles  , birthday wishes , dark nights, mourning love ones , romantic times with my significant other etc.... I Light up, get blown out , finish wax , tossed. I bring light to peoples life's . Don't leave Me lonely I might burn my surroundings .Before Albert discovered light bulbs there was me that walked you through the night. The life of a candle has power, history , meaning. Each of us are candles .We all  have a time limit and with that being said we must keep our light on even through darkness. Like many candles , Let's enjoy the moments , Our wax is not eternal. Let's bring the candles out and keep them burning . May all our candles stay lit til  the end.                          

                                             Truly yours  
                                        The Life of a Candle

Friday, October 2, 2015

Structure of Emptiness

Twelve windows , eight bedrooms , landscape of luxury . In this structure lived a family. House keepers a must . Kids laughing chasing up the stairs. Spouses kiss , hold hands Like first time . Looking inside from a Birdseye view notice house keeper never smiles . Feeling unappreciated as if purpose is pointless . Time went fast and structure became empty. Realtor shows and new family moves in. This particular family was unique. Non related but family titles changed  names. There sat a woman who adopted six kids and always unhappy.Mistreated they all felt. Home dirty and so were six children.The years passed and so did she . New year , new realtor . One hundred days on the market yet no one wanted this empty structure. Realtor confused , price lowers, bank took over with a new painted sign ,Nursing Home of Care. Structure  immediately occupied . however feelings of an empty structure still linger. The elderly feel as if there just a number. No smiles , no visitors . This empty structure has failed again .The End. A happy home takes more than smiles and finace. Many structures of emptiness sit all over the world waiting for fulfillment , true love of self and others can turn any home into a structure of beauty. Before we judge a structure from the outside lets look deep in. May love fill our homes til the very end

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Future of Mind


Future looks bright! Only if minds get right. No more pollution from irrelevant thoughts. Think , what truly matters and who knows truth from what's taught. Tainted ways of selfishness from empty gaps of loneliness . Still hopes for the future .We are all one.There's no right or wrong.Child still living inside , sensitive to words from when the kid use to cry. Loud voices use to be power but now voices screaming from the glass that shatters.The future went from bright to dark .Deep thoughts. As the mind I once controlled has control. Wait , pause. I'm in charge. Strong mind please don't stop future. Now putting thought into meaningful matters. Recycled thoughts for brighter planets. Moment to moment we all grow . The future of the mind let it show .

Friday, September 11, 2015

Are You Still Down

The young , lonesome . No love story so turn page it might get ugly. Young one , no love at home. To each as own mentality . Having kids is like owning a factory.Minimum love to get buy , minimum wage . How are bright futures possible.Steel guns  protect more than moms regrets , how can  we remain calm? Eyes open , mouth closed. Gun loaded hearts cold.Young girls replacing fathers with a women beater + collect calls of promises to never leave her. But daddy did , says the kid. Misunderstood to most , especially the ones lucky to have open arms waiting after school . The Young are the future, the parentless are the shooters , stop bringing more troopers ! Volunteer love to a stranger & give life,  Everybody hurts and so does a hopeless life !Save the whales? Wait!! Let's save the kids. If we stay dehumanized then why should we live ! Give! #1Love to all, Standing up for the wounded ones. R U Still down? Who's the chosen ones,

What is Truth

Are we living a purpose, are we living life ? Is this all an illusion, what is really our price. Confusion, what is truth . Are we victims from our passed ancestors, while repeating the same mistakes .why not a new way? When the day comes and all we have is land what will be truth. What shall we rely upon. Will we turn a rock into our master? Maybe make a bath from oceans water and goats milk.What will be truth? Maybe if we rely on the sources from roots of life , slightly releasing our attachments of what could be swept away. Truth could be only a thought away. Let's push our attachments aside and go! Maybe just then the truth our truth will be exposed    :-D

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Get up off of that thing !

Erase the news , forget the worlds problems for we shall over come ! What ever problems we go through lets express our self and dance! Have we forgot that dancing relieves stress? So what they say you can't dance , why take a pill when dancing is free and does the same. It makes you feel great. I bet if you put your favorite song right now and move you'd feel better. Dancing has no gender, age , or race.  Why get caught up in problems we can't change forgetting to have fun ! Get up off of that thing & Release the pressure !  We all in this together so let's dance ! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Missing Hearts

Beat , beat , like a drum I seek , the rhythm of my broken heart. How to feel the emptiness of the broken . Motherless . Fatherless. Brotherless, sisterless. Oh how must I find my deadbeat heart. Life told me love shall conquer all , but yet I sit and wait for my loved one too call.  Phone waiting in silence,    maybe that's the problem of the confused heart.  I tell myself what's meant to be will be . I rather be listening to Silence than someone who has no finance , Materialistic while singing the blues. Love has lost me. Like truth search for me , as I yell to the sky, Hey it's me !  I'm Ready to Love! M. I. A …......send me a piece of loves true satisfaction !!!! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Fatherless

Another women gives birth . Crying babies exposed. Time for the real world , no more quiet nights away from humanity. A year passes, today all those crying newborns have turned 1 . Happy Birthday!! Confused to not understand what a birthday is with cake all over the face . Mama ! first word spoke, but mommy was to busy worrying about where dada is . Attention and love is what mama and baby both yearned for. 3 more years go by another birthday . Happy Birthday !! Difference is now baby knows what birthdays are and when mama looks sad! Over and over attention was shut down being ignored. Mama! But no answer. Happy birthday seemed to be the only attention baby got. Mama ! Mama ! Mama! No longer a baby that voice was thirteen! Instead of silence the answer became,  What ! As if she wished her kid never called her name . Where's dad?  While silence filled the room so deeply the ceiling fan came to a stop . Answer exposed . Your farther has left us. Teen seeming confused on how that could be, Immediately starts replacing the empty gaps of missing light with darkness. Not caring cause home became a place of unhappiness which is nowhere  for a fatherless kid.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just a Letter

You were spontaneous ! I loved how you use to dress, especially on your birthdays. Walking in Style with that smile that was clear as day! You made people feel so welcomed . Oh yes, jokes you love to tell . I still laugh just thinking about it. You had that brave heart that the world could see. We all admired you. Always giving us hope and inspiration,  One thing you always said ,  " I don't want to get old". I would laugh not paying attention. If I only knew it was the truth. As years pass I see you less. When is the last time you left your room to get fresh air? I haven't seen that smile since your 60th birthday. Suddenly your a different person.  I don't even recognize your clothes anymore ,only wearing t-shirts with the faded words. What happened ?  The thought of  getting old is eating you inside. We want the old you back. There are so many things on your bucket list you haven't checked. Get out of that bed! You are not dead! Explore ! Time is on your side. Put on those magical shoes and go dancing ! Happiness is knocking on your door just open! The world needs you and so do I.                      
Sincerely your friend

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Loud Voice that Spoke Nothing

Oh what a day , if feet and back could talk  aaaaaasaaaaahhhhh ! screaming is what you'd hear.  Have no fear , one day I believe that we will work less having family time and quiet time once again. Remember those days. Oh , is that so . You can't remember the last time you kissed your spouse or kids good morning , watch movies together,how about game night ! Oh one more thing , when's the last time we all sat at that big brown dining room table to eat breakfast? Nooooo way really , We only  see it in the movies huh. Reality is maybe we come home to late or work two jobs . We have become robotic human beings. Have we forgot what's truly important in this life? Do we just keep that loud voice inside and speak nothing,  I heard a powerful man who's in charge quoting this today .... "People Need To Work Longer Hours".    Now he is a perfect example of The Loud Voice That Spoke Nothing! Im throwing away all the old bank statements and saving old love letters. Now that's a great deposit for a Chase account hope you all do the same. Keep love first .

Quote of the Month

The only difference between a madman and me is that I'm not mad ..............  Salvador Dali

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Words of Wisdom


What am I afraid of ? Darkness, being alone . Maybe im afraid of gaining weight or being too skinny or Fear of death,  challenges, going back to not having freedom, Sickness.Why do we fear so many things. Why can't we just LIVE! I've noticed one thing for sure , We all fear something. As I stand in front of my mirror staring in my eyes I repeat , I am fearless I am fearless . When a fear of mine enters my mind I release it back out replacing it with a happy thought. It might sound funny but try it. If you keep that thought of fear inside to long it turns into weeds growing around you, Now your wrapped  in fear. Yes It takes time . Every great accomplishment does. My First step, I have acknowledged that fear is my worst enemy. Let's ride this journey together shouting Out ....I Am FEARLESS !😛! Fly high my friends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stuck on yesterday

Wake up young man, don't you see yesterday has passed . Do you regret what you've done making your thoughts ever last. New born babies are color blind yet we Still living backwards. Who told you your living truth your reality has shattered. We're all in this together blue ,yellow or pink cause if your any man then we share the same green. Why let the passed destroy you , fighting for what's never yours, were writing new chapters while the people making noise........Say wake up  to the weak ones and smile at the strong cause if we made it this far we all should sing a song ......

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The New Norm

Do we live in the past , Afraid of change. Are we such perfect humans that we can judge and assume our opinion is right. At times so attached to what we are taught that nothing else makes sense. I call that a brain blockage. One way never made the world go round, combinations of all things did. The new norm,   doing what makes us happy.Let's Wake up the old and bring them into this new journey of bliss. Before I question people or situations I rather listen to there story , know the history. 

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Maintain vs Insane

Early morning has arrived birds chirping in the ear, coffe , heading out the door stoped for gas . Facebook check while driving. Pull out another stick inhale. Day closer to end, next quick stop at a near bar Advertising 2 4 1 special. As seat finally gets replaced down on drink 3. Heading home, air condition to 71 . Hot summer! Right before bed need to take a pill to sleep doctor prescribes, another anti depressant. Alarm goes off and the same routine starts again. What if that alarm was a warning, That's right , no more internet. No booze or smoke , pharmacy gone , and air condition ran out of freon. Would we all be as happy and content if all left was food? Could we maintain or would we complain ? The only cure I believe is to replace unhealthy addictions with healthy habits (e.g.run in morning to replace cigarettes). It's not easy but for me it was the best way - the only way - to choose life over death.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Adding to the silence

Room filled with silence , lungs full of air. No picture on the flatscreen , Tv OFF. Music playlist skips 6 til right song . Melody lingering through ears .Entering kitchen ,  the Espresso machine stares at me as I stare back. Face Puzzled while painting a mind picture of a nice hot latte in clear glass.Adding to the silence , sounds of steam in motion. Ignoring the clock sipping , just before seat got taken door bell rings.Loud voices and playful screams . They enter yelling HEY! As I Smirk I sarcastically replied "Thanks for adding to the Silence ".  Sigh......

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conversations of strangers

I wake up , Still half sleep . That first cup of coffee now my energy at peek. Step outside taking deep breathes of fresh air, Priceless. IContinue as someone tried to switch my button to not kind . I eventually brushed it off. I realize that person is going through something personal out of my control . I step into the building , listening to conversations . Strangers talking . One group saying how they do planks 3x a day . Ears wide open while staring at there business suites. Heading outside three women whispering how they feel overwhelmed between jobs and kids . As I Sat in my car turning on radio , someone's husband is trying to get his wife back , song dedication earth, wind and fire :After the Love is Gone. Arrive home ,Television on, news broadcasting young high school students in Baltimore in rage.  As my mind starts racing I came to an Conclusion. We all need to be recognized , we all need to be loved. When we feel overwhelmed , not acknowledged we become angry. Maybe we lost a parent , or a spouse or a job which gave us a title. what means most to us being acknowledged , looking our best.Even compliments from strangers.Next time you get in that mood remember those conversations from unknown people.we are all searching for something .  I hope we all find it . 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Should I wait till tomorrow

You know that saying ,"   Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today ".   Ive tried , yet I wait. Noticed how important time is? What we leave for tomorrow Usually never gets done or something unexpected pops up. Should I call us lazy? What are we waiting for, someone to do it for us. That never works . Who knows how to get things done better than you. Perfect example, exercise. I know your laughing , why ? Cause we all been there . Oh I'll go tomorrow , to much traffic, I'm tired, I have to wake up early. Then one day you woke up and realized 3 months has passed and so has that body you want. My point is we all wait til tomorrow to do everything. If we are healthy why wait! Let's get up and do something different everyday, if it doesn't make sense right away it will in the end . Hey , who am I to judge . I will start today hope you will to. If there's One Life to fill , let's feel it !  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's remember not forget

I remembered you when times were great , always wanting to be by your side. How could I forget, now it seems you have fallen a bit, maybe sickness got the best or financial matters, how  can I forget. Funny how the phone never sounds and the bank never seems to get your parking spaces, Customers Only. Can we forget the fact we are all a number away from the lotto or that job will always be there . How about we remember the people who took care of us when we couldn't bathe alone , the ones who slept in that hard chair next to the hospital bed. The real question is ....... Will we forget the ones who remembered us.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quote of the day

Whats a million dollars to a man without a purpose ,  Emptiness                    


Monday, April 6, 2015


I Wake , walk to door , stare in mirror. Another year older,  line on my forehead .  Where did it come from and why be afraid . We have enough on our minds to let age ruin it. Can you imagine a world full of people who stayed 30. Well I sure did. How boring. No grey hairs, everybody looking the same,  like a world of clones. There are many living there 2nd childhood, never growing up . Then others who keep themselves sharp , healthy , and of course those who got depressed and lost hope. We have to be proud of our age, Don't let anyone say your to old to do anything! Live life to the fullest, embrace it! Next time you look at yourself , remember how ugly the world would be if we never got older. Let's live age free ,  I want to Stay young at heart , don't you ?

Monday, March 30, 2015

What remembers us

What do we forget? What do we remember? Maybe good times, tough times, or times we feared. I read a quote that said "We forget memories but memories never forgot us." To me it seems true. If We took each second in the 24 hours seriously I bet we would have so many more memories to take with us. On our last day the memory box should be full! Is ours half way there or just 25% full because we decided to sit and watch television everyday. I think we all been there. Now it's time to get up and explore! Get outside , create a new idea, help a neighbor take groceries out the car. Do I have to continue. I will start today! I hope you will follow. Let's live our last days filling the empty gaps. It's free . Now what remembers us?  What do you remember _____________ ?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Taking off the labels

Tired , are you? Everyday We portray this image, comparing ourselfs to the next. Chasing titles that never mattered. Then a wrinkle or two and we realized all the labels we faught for were not important. I'm not saying don't strive for the best , just get off the high horse . We are all in this together. If we lived a world label free we could have more knowledge than any masters, Feeling free. Lets learn from each other , there's so much I can learn from you if you only took off your label. Just a simple conversation can be a class in session. Are you ready, I am. -*Bell Ringing*-

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking Through a Diffrent Lens

What if there was a lens to look and see different perspectives, what if the lens could talk. Now I don't want to confuse anyone but lets use this lens for a minute. Ready? One day there was a young man looking for love, not just from a girl but from anyone who made him feel wanted. His parents were never found so he hit the streets. Smiles, hugs he wished his dad gave, attention being the most. Love was what he yearned for and he didn't care how he got it, so he wore a blue bandana. Across the street lived another young man, both parents adored him. To make them proud was all he wanted.Not much in the financial department so college was out the question. Walking, he crossed a tall man who promised him dreams and degrees that only money could buy, days later he turned that into a Army contract, now he wears a green hat. Now take the lens off for a minute, any questions? Yes we all have plenty, before you judge lets put the lens back on and continue........ Next

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Be Honest

Forget what they say, take the makeup or dirt off your face, grab a bar of soap and wash it. Are we ready for the truth , or is it easier to just leave the mask on and pretend everything's okay . What are we afraid of. Why do we hold on to things or people we outgrow? Can we fit the same shoe from elementary, would you rather sleep in a twin bed or a king? Lifes to short to not make changes , why get caught up in a chain of weeds when life is a garden! Maybe if we became more honest with our self then magical things will happen .Brake the chains ! Free yourself !  Let's be honest , why wait till tomorrow . 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are You Happy Yet

Happiness at times misunderstood.  A Smile can be a frown . What are we searching for? A peaceful and healthy mind are great beginnings,Long Lasting and free. Why wait.I fall off my own tracks at times. I will not  tell you how Cause we're all different.What I might find peaceful may not be for you. Listen  to your inner voice and follow. Simpleness leads to greatness, the people that surround us are both teachers and students. Nobody knows it all but everyone knows happiness, there's bliss inside , bring it out . Life's too short,  so I have one question. Are you happy yet ? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Did you get the message

Noticed how a message can be delivered from anywhere at anytime or place ? How about watching a cartoon, have you ever had an open thought from it? I have, maybe cause deep inside we are still kids at heart . Kids are pure and are who we use to be and yet still are. So what we can't run as fast or have attachments such as a car note . Remember as a kid all you wanted was a bike ,  How free did you feel? Let's open up the kid in us and feel free again ! It might not be easy but neither was our first bike.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simple and Sweet

Today I noticed nomatter your past or how many sad stories you tell with broken hearts ,We need Love. What's love ? Not holding grudges . I believe love can be shown many ways. Maybe a thought , or looking at the sky sending a message to the universe. Who said true love has to be right next to you every single moment. We get attached to the branding of love . Why can't we love freely deleting expectations.  Who said love has to be that sad song. Brush it off and renew . No artificial  sweetners allowed, only 100% pure sugar. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's Power To You

Whats power to you? Some say President , Others may say money . One thing I know it all  stays changing. Music is power to me . It's amazing how there's a song for every mood, Emotions of all sorts, for all people ,all cultures. Now that's Power!  I've seen people dance , sing a song of  a language they don't even speak. Have you ever been around someone in a quiet place and all a sudden start singing the same song ,then start laughing, well I have.I feel each of our lives are musical with a story to tell. How about the next time you get in your car or on the train put on that one powerful song and watch the people, the trees and everything move to the rhythm . Let's turn life up like our favorite song and move! :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


     I loved you even though the handcuffs stay locked on your mind. Is there anything I can do to bring you back to reality. You are stronger than you believe but some how the substance spoke over me. Of course it's a process . Put your hand down , nobody owes you stop the nonsence. The judge thinks your a threat to society, I say free yourself from excuses that keeps you boxed in. Now your doing 10 , the revolving system which you live in. Hope you find freedom in your mind my brother . One day I know you will be Free dead or alive. May peace follow you . 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


                  ______ Albert Einstein                  


Quote of the Year

"Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World "     Norman Peale  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Possible or Impossible

I feel staying consistant is one of life's hardest test. I mean your whole intentions are to stay healthy, focus on your relations at work and home, and many more. Is it possible to keep a well rounded balanced life with out over doing it? What are the first steps, some say start your morning with a jog or meditation. Now what if you keep making excuses , I'll do it tomorrow . I'll start next Monday . Now theres a possibility to make it impossible. Why prolong every great potential we have? Why wait til it's to late and all your left with are wishes and  Excuses! Excuses ! Oh wait and one more Excuse. Yes, I happen to be one of those people. How about we read this every time we are about to give one and maybe we will see progress. Let's all be healthy, strong, and love.....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whats money to you ?

Funny how we all chase money and then it disappears with a short term memory . One afternoon a lady in A wheel Chair Asked me for change to eat. I gave dollars. Pray for me I'm  hiv positive she replied. I smiled sincerely while holding her hand. She immediatly tried to hand money back. 
Wow! She says , I haven't had someone smile at me like that in years,  you really made my day! Some might think money alone has power but they forgot about a sincere Smile  :-D